CompDB - The Computational Database for Real World Awareness


Two major hardware trends have a significant impact on the architecture of database management systems: First, main memory sizes continue to grow significantly. Machines with 1 TB of main memory and more are readily available at a relatively low price. Second, the number of cores in a system continues to grow, from currently 60 and more to hundreds in the near future. This trend offers radically new opportunities for both business and science. It promises to allow for information-at-your-fingertips, i.e., large volumes of data can be analyzed and deeply explored online, in parallel to regular transaction processing. Currently, deep data exploration is performed outside of the database system which necessitates huge data transfers. This impedes the processing such that real-time interactive exploration is impossible. These new hardware capabilities now allow to build a true computational database system that integrates deep exploration functionality at the source of the data. This will lead to a drastic shift in how users interact with data, as for the first time interactive data exploration becomes possible at a massive scale.

More Information

Our work on CompDB is implemented in our flash-based DBMS Umbra. For more information visit the Umbra page.