Datenbanksysteme und moderne CPU-Architekturen


  • This lecture covers the implementation of database systems, including how to leverage modern hardware architectures.
  • The lectures are held in English.
  • In the Exercises for this lecture, you will have the chance to build a tiny database system from scratch.


  • Grundlagen der Informatik
  • Grundlagen Datenbanksysteme (GDB) (IN0008)

Organization and Exam

  • First Lecture: Tuesday, 16.04.2024
  • Lecture + Exercises: 2pm – 5pm
  • Room: Hörsaal im Galileo
  • GitLab (you need to request access to the group to see the projects)
  • Mattermost
  • Bonus: There are 6 optional programming assignments. If you complete 5 or more of the programming assignments, you will receive a grade step bonus (0.3/0.4 bonus) on the exam grade (iff your exam grade is between 1.3 and 4.0).
    • Example: A student completes 5 programming assignments and gets 1.7 in the final exam. His/Her final grade will be 1.3.
    • Example 2: A student completes 5 programming assignments and gets 1.3 in the final exam. His/Her final grade will be 1.0.
  • Exam: Written exam, 90 minutes.
  • Exam date and location: please check TUMOnline
  • Exam registration: via TUMonline
  • Retake exam (Wiederholungsprüfung): There will be no retake exam (Wiederholungsprüfung). The next exam will probably take place at the end of SS 2025.


Lecture Slides

Exercise Slides

Programming Assignments

  • Programming homework includes implementing the concepts learned in the lecture in C++, previous systems programming experience recommended
  • The assignments are managed via our GitLab
  • Please join us on Mattermost

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Name: Lastname, Firstname
Matriculation number: 03xxxxxx

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